Cd Turntables The Pros and Cons

A friend of mine who I deejay with has the Gemini CDJ-650 so when it was my time to upgrade I got the CDJ-700 and the both of us are amazed at the increased functionality with this later model. Just started and quickly I was at one with it. Some people say change producer but why, I don’t get it and when I read how Gemini get criticised for performance I’m like have you used one?!  Get to test one – it’s awesome, you’ll love how it spins, scratches, and there’s all the option buttons to do whatever remix you want on your music.

I get the same fast-loading capability where anything I throw on to this CD Turntable be it CDR, MP3 CD or regular audio gets played soon as, along with the usual flash drives into the USB input. There’s also the SD card slot up to 32GB which I haven’t used but just saying. Like the 650 you get fantastic music manipulation with 3 programmable hot cues to create instant playback wherever you want on the tracks. You get increased control via the touch-screen with the loop section so you can loop and relax seamlessly and add even more with repetition of key musical or rhythmic phrases. The jog wheel allows for further modification and I use the pitch control slide for even greater control and accuracy when I’m beat matching.

Clearly I think this is the best CD turntables are to be found at Headphones Hound and the style deck that Gemini has ever created and it’s going to last and do the distance for me. I’m a mixer, that’s how I do my business, this is the kind of high quality machine that I need to do that. The guy in the shop tried to get me to switch manufacturer and pointed out he’d heard the job wheel isn’t the best for scratching but I disagree even with that. Okay, I don’t scratch massive but I do and I have adjusted the tension on the jog wheel to a lighter setting which works for me. I’m giving this deck a full five out of five, no less.